Hi, and thank you for connecting!
Let's see if the Sacred Sensuous Woman Retreat is the right fit for you. Answer the following questions to the degree that you are most comfortable.
What is your name and location?

What inspired you to apply, and what would you hope to gain from this experience?

Have you had challenges connecting with other women or creating a solid sense of sisterhood?

How connected do you feel to your sensuality? What areas would you like to see improvement in?

How do you feel about being a woman? Your cylce?  Your yoni?

Do you have a spiritual or embodiment practice you like, and how often do you make time for it?

What blocks, obstacles or wounds do you hope to overcome by coming into this container?

Would you like to have a complimentary call with me to chat about Sacred Sensuous Woman Retreat?  If so, leave your phone and/or Skype and I will  send you a link to my calendar.

Thank you for sharing with me. I will be in touch shortly!

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